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New photos of Guardian angel and his beloved Esther Musila 60 yrs old, that have rattled the interwebs, she looks real edible.

New photos of Guardian angel and his beloved Esther Musila that have rattled the interwebs

Gospel singer, Guardian Angel and his dearly beloved, Esther Musila have come out to prove love wins in recent romantic photos.

The pair that cared less what trolls thought of them, have been busy flaunting their angelic love bubble online in a series of photos, cutely bonding and wrapped around each other.

As they keep fans thirsty with their new reality show that basically targets their personal lives and romance, the pair has clearly been on crazy adventures be it indoors or outdoors.

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Esther Musila with Guardian Angel

The photos

In his most recent update, the two dressed in casual wear, sweetly held each other close, with the caption “to the moon and back.”

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Guardian angel looking adorable with Esther Musila

This is before the two made it an official affair in a photo that left fans soaked with envy.

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Esther Musila with Guardian Angel

It was not until this love confession by the musician to his 50-year old curvy beauty, in a black and white photo that pronounced their endless affection for each other, promising “it can shake you but you can not let it break you. THE LION’S”

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Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

All through, the caption #lovewins carried the day and the pair could not help but step out in matching outfits in what many would term ‘couple goals’, while enjoying the cool afternoon sun on their way out. 

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Gospel lovebirds, Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

Then came in a blunt confession from his beloved and mother of 3 grown children, Esther, who took to her Instastories to gush over how blessed and grateful she is. To have bagged herself such a gentleman like Guardian Angel.

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Esther Musila publicly gushes over gospel star

Only for a smitten Guardian Angel to respond;

You had to be the one to be part of what is about to happen. The world is not ready. #lovewins❣

After discovering love in a woman who dared to explore like Esther Musila, Guardian Angel has already come up with a tag for themselves that is, “the LION’S.”

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Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Posts that have not been received with such warmth from fans but a sign that these two are working to cement their relationship amidst trolls.

Well, there you have it!

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