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Kevin Omwenga, The Slain Fraudster was a drunkard and a serial woman eater, no wonder he was killed like a dog-Girl friend

More details are emerging on the controversial life of the late Kevin Omwenga, who was shot dead under mysterious circumstances on Friday.

Omwenga used to masquarade as a businessman but he was a notorious fraudster who conned a lot of people millions of shillings.

His ex-gifriend Babz Juma, a lady based in Germany, has exposed him as a drunkard and a serial womanizer.

While speaking to a local site, the lady said that the deceased would spend most of his time in clubs partying hard with friends.

‘He drank too much and always listened to his friends. Whenever I told him something, he couldn’t listen to me but would listen to what his friends said,’ she said.

The lady further revealed that Omwenga kept borrowing money from her despite displaying a lavish lifestyle on social media.

‘In 2017 January, Kevin told me that his mother was so sick and rushed to hospital and he had no money. He asked me to help him with cash. He needed 1000 Euros (around  Ksh 100,000). He kept using that excuse of his mum being sick. I sent him money three times,’ She added.

The voluptuous lady said that she parted ways with Omwenga because he was a heavy  drinker and a serial womanizer.

‘I left him coz he was drinking almost every day and cheating almost everytime. In 2018, he was begging me for us to get back together,’ she said.

Here are photos of Omwenga’s ex-girlfriend who is based in Germany.

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