Hunger, killings and suicide cases in Kenya out of control and we can nothing about it – Ruto

Things are difficult in Kenya but they are not as bad as it is being said, DP William Ruto has said.

Speaking during an interview with Voice of America on Facebook, Ruto said Kenya’s situation of hunger, killings and suicide are not out of control.

The interviewer Esther Githui had asked him about the killings, incest and hunger in Kenya.

“We read about killings, people have lost their mind, the economy has dwindled. Everyday we read stories of how a woman wakes up and poisons her children because she can’t handle it anymore,” she said.

“Why are Kenyans so desperate? It is not good at all…what are you going to do about it? People are committing suicide but all we see is politicking of politicians, what is the problem with Kenya why can’t you feed Kenyans..?”

But Ruto who started by smiling told the presenter that she was reading too much news on social media.

“I think you have been reading the social media too much. We have a situation that is not out of control,” he said.

“We can deal with the problem of hunger in our country. However, It is unfortunate that we dropped agriculture subsidies.”

Last week, Turkana government said prolonged drought on the Kenya-South Sudan border is fuelling banditry attacks. Eight people have been killed, two injured and more than 4,000 livestock stolen since December last year.

Last month, A Kirinyaga man was detained by police for killing his neighbour who allegedly stole avocados worth Sh100 from his farm.

The prices of food commodities has risen sharply in the last few months leaving Kenyans distraught. 

Ruto said it was his believe that Kenya needs to put resources on Agriculture to boost farmers.

“…so that we can produce food in enough quantities to ensure every Kenyan can afford a meal. As a result of economic challenges, that is why myself, Mudavadi and many others are proposing a bottom up model that puts money in peoples pocket,” he said.

“ It is a realisation that even in the US the trickle down effect has not worked.”

The DP has been in the United States accompanied by ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi who is also a coalition partner in the Kenya Kwanza alliance.

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