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Staki Ujinga Nyinyi Wakenya, You are very stupid, I have no apologies to make over “my Chuma Remarks”, nani hana Mboro-Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu: City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu has clarified her ‘chuma remarks’  made during a United Democratic Alliance rally at Kenyatta market in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Speaking to The Standard on phone, the Nairobi senate aspirant said it was an analogy to mean women will not allow a few individuals to sit in hotels and force them to elect an old man when they had an option in Deputy President William Ruto.

“As women, we are opposed to a few people holding meetings in hotels and forcing down our throats an old candidate. We prefer a younger energetic leader like Ruto ready for work,” she added.

Karen said she had no apologies to make about her remarks, saying UDA supporters were okay with her sentiments.


“I will repeat it in my next political speech anywhere because that is the truth, I will not sugarcoat it, Kenyans women want a young and energetic leader,” she said.

She accused her political opponents of trying to sexualise her remarks for propaganda, saying Kenyans know in politics there are analogies and hers is no different.

“This is all propaganda by our opponents and I cannot allow them to gag me, I will speak my mind and campaign for my candidate in the way I chose.”

Netizens have on Wednesday evening and the better part of Thursday accused the city lawyer of being vulgar following her remarks.

Netizens’ reaction

Kenyans on social media castigated Karen over her remarks with others saying she doesn’t deserve any leadership post.

“This is your aspiring leader in UDA, here to replace the sober, articulate and brilliant Johnson Sakaja. I’m told Ruto loves such brains around him, brains he can manipulate, brains that can’t challenge him, the Yes Yes, the how-far -should-I-jump brains,” Nyamah Douglas wrote on Twitter.

Ken Agwambo: “I just pray to God UDA give tickets to Margaret Wanjiru as governor, Millicent Omanga as women rep and Karen Nyamu as a senator. ODM candidates will walk defeat them.”

Nahashon Kimemia: “I do not believe UDA understands how much of an uphill task the Nairobi senatorial race will be in 2022. Beating ODM’s Edwin Sifuna will not be easy. I do not believe that Karen Nyamu or Rufftone will do it.”

Faith Mwaura who is an aspiring candidate in the Roysambu constituency accused Nyamu of making it difficult for Kenyans to elect women with her ‘chuma’ remarks.

“In a bid to please her political master, Karen Nyamu has dragged us, female aspirants, a 1000 steps back. Now, every two-bit political blogger will want to sexualize our political aspirations,” said Mwaura.

Kulo Conrad: “You can never persuade serious voters to elect Karen Nyamu or Margaret Wanjiru in Nairobi as their leaders. Take that to the bank.”

Video goes viral

In a viral clip seen by The Standard, Karen said “I have been sent by women of this country to tell those people who are trying to force us on a mzee in some hotels should stop belittling the women.”

“We have our chuma here, women want a strong chuma ready for work and that rod is Ruto,” she added.

Nyamu has declared her interest in the Nairobi senate seat in the forthcoming 2022 General election on a UDA ticket.

While declaring her candidature in November 2021, she said she had been endorsed by the Ruto-led party to run for Senate.

“I was officially endorsed by the UDA party to contest for Senator Position in Nairobi county 2022. We fully support Dr William Samoei Ruto vision to change our economic model in the interest of Kenyans. Mpango ni Bottom Up!,” she said on her social media pages.

In the 2017 polls, Nyamu was an aspirant for the Nairobi County Woman Rep seat on the Jubilee party ticket.

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