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A former staff exposes the rot at Moi University – We were instructed to target Non-Kalenjin students and staff members by our bosses (READ).

A former staff has revealed how tribalism and corruption led to the collapse of Moi University.

The disgruntled former staff identified as Winfred Cherono on Facebook disclosed that they were instructed by their bosses to target students and staff members who are not Kalenjins.

Promotions at the struggling institution which was closed indefinitely following a strike by the staff are based on tribe.

Here’s the viral post by the former staff.

I have seen that Moi university Story and as a Kalenjin who was employed there, I can confirm that all that was said was true and nothing but the truth.

I used to work as a Janitor at Hostel J, one of the biggest hostels in Moi. I was employed in 2014 and left in 2019. I was sacked during Professor Koskei’s time.

I swear with my daughter’s Jerobot name, Ukabila and Corruption has led to Moi dying just like that.

Our bosses were very deliberate on putting Kalenjins in all dockets and demoting non Kalenjins to lower ranks. For me as a professional matron, I really felt bad because deserving guys were mishandled so that we have Kalenjins in the positions Luhyas and Kikuyus occupied.

I resigned in 2019 when there was a strategic change in Hostel Management. Professor Koskei decided to ban cooking with coils that students used and everyone was required to eat in School messes and eateries.

I remember we were summoned together with security guards and it was an all Kalenjin affair.

The brief was to target non-Kalenjin students who were using coils even with the ban, the plan was to milk money from them through Senate summons. Each of us was given a target of 15 students per week per Hostel. There are around 12 hostels so 200 students averagely per week (Should not have been Kalenjins).

After that, all of them were to be fined 20,000 shillings each to cater for the electricity bill. So each week the School collected in cash around 500k that was channeled to the Vcs office. There were no senate disciplinary meetings like they earlier told us. So the ones we caught were just given letters and one week to pay the 20k fines.

I hated my Job and I hated Moi, I decided to resign on 14th June 2019 without 3 months’ pay. I cry for thousands of Moi university students who are just victims of tribalism and poor management by Koskei.

Nachukia Ukabila na Roho yangu yote.

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