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Without me there is no Government , I’m Greater Than Kenya-RUTO now declares as he puts UHURU and RAILA on notice

Ruto The Deputy President Of Kenya has told his haters to go hung themselves, saying no amount of intimidation, teargassing or force meted out to his supporters will stop him from becoming President in 2022.

Speaking while on a tour of Meru, Ruto made it very clear that he is the next President whether President Uhuru Kenyatta or ODM Leader Raila Odinga like it or not.

According to him, Raila is clueless about forming a Government which is why he will form the next Government.

“Kenyan politics must change from focusing on becoming tribal warlords to transforming wananchi’s lives,” he said.

Ruto criticised some Jubilee and ODM leaders hiding behind the ‘deep state’, saying that as Deputy President he is aware of all systems of Government.

He noted that without him, there would be no Government and that President Uhuru Kenyatta exists because of him.

“Has the kitendawili man ever formed any Government?”

“ It is foolishness to say there is a deep state.”

“I and President Uhuru Kenyatta did all possible to form the Jubilee Government.”

“They want to fool you and make you poor to misuse you,” Ruto said.

He claimed his opponents are idealess and that’s why they are using the police to disrupt the hustler movement at the grassroots.

“When you defeat them in ideas and brains, they turn to war.”

“They have no idea on how to take this country forward.”

“They are now using police.”

“Why all these threats?”

“Why excess force?”

“Sell your policies to Kenyans and stop threatening me,” added Ruto.


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