Shocking! 18 people, including a 14 year old, arrested partying NAKED in a house party in Nairobi past curfew hours (PHOTO)

Police arrested 18 people on Sunday, among them a 14-years old, partying while naked in a house in Jamhuri Estate in Nairobi.

Police raided the house after a concerned neighbour alerted them and they were shocked to find the 18 delinquents partying while naked.

They were arrested and taken to Kilimani Police Station.

“It was reported today 26/4/2020 at about 18:45 hours by…a resident of Jamhuri that there was a party in a house within the estate.”
“Police visited the apartment namely Hurliqueen Courts Metropolitan House number 4 and therein found 18 people, all naked with a camera,” the police report read in part
According to police, they will be charged in court with defying Government directives to curb the spread of Covid19.

This comes a week after another 20 revelers were arrested while drinking inside Komar House restaurant located on Menelik Road in Kilimani Estate.
Despite the increasing number of confirmed Covid19 cases in Nairobi, some people don’t seem to care and are going about their business as usual.
So far, Kenya has confirmed 363 cases with 114 recoveries and 14 deaths.


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