See how boutique ladies are attracting SEX starved men to their business premises – This one is from Thika Road (PHOTOS)

Sex starved men are flocking Carols shop and This boutique lady called Carol, who we understand secretly peddles flesh on some prostitution sites like the notorious Nairobi raha website, has devised ways of marketing her boutique along Thika Road.

She knows men love big booties and one way of attracting them to her business is flaunting her big bam.

In every video that she shares flaunting her big derriere, she puts the location of her business, knowing men will flock there.

She was being discussed on Kenya Talk, a popular group where ‘Team Mafisi’ meet to discuss their sex escapades and half of the men in the group confessed that they have bought sex from her through online prostitution sites.

This is how the sex worker-cum-boutique lady attracts men to her business premise through thirst traps.

The package though!!!

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