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Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa have split up, living separately After She Cheated on Tokodi

Months after we exclusively detailed how celebrated thespians Philip Karanja and Kate Actress’s marriage had crumbled, forcing them to come out to clear the air announcing their divorce, Nairobi Today has yet again established another celebrity marriage slump.

Nairobi Today can now authoritatively report that actor and singer Pascal Tokodi’s and former NTV’s Crossover host Grace Ekirapa, live apart.

The once-happy couple, who quietly got married in October 2020 in an exclusive invite-only ceremony, has faced a long stretch of difficulties.

The breaking point came in November 2023.

A close insider, present at their confidential wedding and privy to their lives, disclosed that the strain of maintaining a lavish lifestyle on limited resources played a role in the breakup.

Tokodi was the primary breadwinner, while Ekirapa was a stay-at-home mom.

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Privately, the couple faces challenges despite their well-curated social media posts showcasing a seemingly flawless marriage.

“Pascal and Grace haven’t been living together for two months now. They parted ways last November, Pascal moved back to Karen where he had been living before they met, and Grace remained in Limuru where they had been living together,” the source told Nairobi News.

According to the source, the factor that led to their marriage collapsing was due to financial constraints.

“Ever since he married Grace, she has always had an issue with Pascal’s friends. I was one of the friends who cut links with them; we just started talking the other day, and a majority of people he used to associate with as well. She even didn’t want him to do the King Kaka collabo, arguing that they were exploiting him,” the source claimed.

Neither of them owned a car when they got married. The insider suggests that being a celebrity couple, they deemed it essential to invest in a set of wheels.

“Pascal and I are super close, and what he said to me is he preferred to buy a cheaper whip, preferably a Demio to begin life with, but Grace advised they get a much bigger machine. That’s how Pascal took a loan and purchased the Mazda CX-5 at Sh1.9 million that you might have seen him cruise around with. He is still servicing the car loan,” the source said.

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The couple first lived in Kitengela and, at some point, invested thousands to renovate the rental house to meet their standards.

After some time, they decided to change residence and moved to Limuru, where the house was renovated again.

“Grace grew tired of living in Kitengelea and suggested they move to Limuru because she wanted to be close to her sisters. They would again renovate the house remember Pascal is the one footing all these bills because Grace is technically jobless. Throughout their marriage the pressure has always been for Pascal to maintain their expensive lifestyle.”

When called for comment, Grace told Nairobi News, “This phone call has caught me by surprise,” Adding, “[On the matter of if we are together or not] I don’t think that is not something I would want to talk about with someone from outside.”

Tokodi also responded to the news of their split leaking, saying, “We are actually doing okay. But thanks for asking.”

He continued, “If you call Grace she will give you the same answer. We are okay.”

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