Governor Obado is The Biological Father Of Slain Sharon Otieno’s Unborn Child-Govt Forensics

Government forensic analyst Kimani Mungai has told the court that Migori Governor Okoth Obado sired the late Sharon Otieno’s, unborn baby.

“From the examination, there is a 99.99 per cent chance that Okoth Obado is the biological father of the foetus,” Mungai said on Wednesday.

Mungai was testifying in the ongoing murder trial against Obado, his Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo and Migori County Clerk Caspal Obiero for the killing of Sharon and her unborn baby.

“The DNA profiles from the semen of the condom, the bloodstains from jumper jacket, stains from the pair of trousers, open shoes, the brazier and from the reference samples are stimulated and produced at the head of this report,” he said.

He excluded Michael Oyamo as the biological father to the foetus.

The analyst further said the DNA from jumper jackets, pair of trousers, the open shoes, the vagina swamp and the blazer matched the one generated from Sharon. 

Mungai further noted that the DNA from the condom does not belong to any of the accused persons before the court.

Obado is also accused of the murder of Sharon’s baby.

The unborn child Sharon Otieno was carrying when she was murdered in 2018 suffered stab wounds on its upper belly, a court heard Monday. 

Obado, who is a suspect in Sharon’s murder and the father of the child, watched as the images were shown in court. 

The images of Sharon’s body were projected on a TV screen in court.

One image after the other, Obado’s concentration shifted.

He would be seen scrolling through his phone as government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor shared his postmortem examination findings.

At the time Sharon was killed, she had suffered seven stab wounds and two slash wounds.

The first stab wound was so severe that it went through her womb. This led to the death of the unborn baby, 12 weeks shy of the birthdate. 

In her opening statement, assistant director of public prosecutions Catherine Mwaniki said Sharon’s murder is a puzzle but with the evidence obtained, their witnesses will create a complete picture of what transpired prior to and after the murder.

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