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NJOGU WA NJOROGE reportedly elopes with DEMATHEW’s second wife CAROLINE after parting ways with MARY LINCOLN.This man is truly a womanizer

Renowned vernacular media personality Njogu Wa Njoroge’s controversial love life has once again become a subject of discussion on social media after it emerged that he has eloped with the late Demathew’s second wife Caroline.

According to rumour mills, Caroline and Njogu were seeing each other even when he was still married to Mary Lincoln.

At some point, Mary Lincoln moved out of her matrimonial home after she discovered that the two were having a secret affair.

Interestingly, Mary Lincoln and Caroline were good friends but behind the scenes, Caroline was wrecking her marriage.

Word has it that on Valentine’s Day, Njogu Wa Njoroge and Caroline flew to Mombasa together for a vacation.

She even posted the photos on her Facebook page and joked about having a ‘mbaba’ to sponsor her vacation trips.

Njogu and the late Demathew were very close friends.

During his burial, he promised to take care of his family.

It seems that Njogu has kept his word by eloping with the late singer’s second wife.

This is how the juicy tea was served in a popular Facebook group.


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