Imagine, My gynecologist Spiked my Drink “mchele” took me to bed and raped me repeatedly Till I Got Pregnant- Nurse

gynecologist:: The Mombasa High Court has ordered investigations of a gynecologist accused of illegally impregnating his nurse colleague.

She said he spiked her non-alcoholic drink, took her to his house and either raped or artificially inseminated her, court documents said.

She denied having consensual sexual relations with him during the conception period. 

Judge Erick Ogola on June 30 directed Dr R.I.L.I be investigated about the allegations by the nurse.

She has a seven-year-old child the doctor claims is his biological child.

Ogola said a DNA test of the minor gave credence to the applicant’s allegations the conception of the minor was stage-managed through what may amount to a criminal process.

“This court recommends investigations on the matter and a possible prosecution of those culpable should an offence be established,” he said.

The matter was reported at Nyali police station in 2016 and 2017.

The complicated matter was also referred back to the Tononoka children’s court, where it was first filed for further directions on the custody of the minor.

The ruling was a culmination of a matter filed by the nurse seeking orders to stop the Tononoka court from granting custody of a seven-year-old child to the doctor.

The doctor had moved to court seeking joint custody of the minor, claiming the child born in 2014 was his biological child, conceived out of passion and love.

The nurse claims, however, the conception was out of rape or unlawful acts.

L.K.N further produced a short message reportedly from R.I.L.I confirming they were not in any way in a sexual relationship before or at the time she became pregnant.

She said  R.I.L.I was an expert on artificial insemination and had access to stupefying drugs and equipment.

The nurse said the doctor is of advanced age and might have wanted to have a child.

However, R.I.L.I claims L.K.N was his wife. He said he has been maintaining and providing for her and their child since birth. He said they have been living as husband and wife.

The doctor also said he had been supporting her and her mother by paying rent and also furnishing their apartment.

He said the nurse consented to all their sexual relations -and used to exchange love messages.

He said they separated in 2016 over infidelity issues and the applicant has denied him access to their son.

The doctor wants shared custody of the minor. 

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