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MUTAHI NGUNYI sends a chilling message to President RUTO that may make him ‘kill someone’ in 2027

Renowned political analyst, Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi, has spelled doom on President William Ruto’s re-election in 2027, saying he has already lost the contest.

In a social media post on Friday, Ngunyi stated that Ruto has lost the support of the “Hustler Nation” similar to how former President Uhuru Kenyatta lost the support of the “GEMA Nation.”

Mutahi, who is the one who branded Ruto’s supporters as ‘hustlers’ questioned what Ruto would say to his supporters in the 2027 election, suggesting that stories of maize and fertilizer may not be enough to regain their trust. /

Ngunyi concluded his message with a chilling remark, stating that Ruto may have to resort to drastic measures, including potentially harming someone, to maintain his political standing.

However, he reminded Ruto that while he can kill the messenger, he cannot kill the message.

The reference to killing someone is metaphorical, implying that Ruto may need to make drastic moves or take bold actions to regain the support he has lost.

This is what Mutahi Ngunyi wrote on his X page.

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Mutahi Ngunyi

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