MP MOHAMMED ALI escapes lynching after angry Nyali residents stormed his office for supporting RUTO’s Finance Bill

Yesterday was the turn for Nyali MP Mohammed Ali after angry residents stormed his office in protests for supporting the contentious Finance Bill.

The residents were irked over Ali’s absence while other MPs were voting on the controversial Finance Bill 2024 last week. 

The residents were armed with placards chanting against the MP.

“When we lose our fear, they lose their power,” the locals shouted outside Ali’s office.

According to the residents, the lawmaker was planning on voting in favour of the bill and accused him of betraying them by failing to fight for their best interests.

While speaking to the press, the locals accused the MP of betraying them and allowing the bill to progress.

“It is our vote that took him where he is today. We came to greet him and let him know we were watching him. It’s either MP Ali says no or no to the Finance Bill,” one of the locals stated.

The local residents emphasized that the MP must shoot down the bill as it was meant to increase the cost of living for millions of Kenyans.

During the protests, police officers were forced to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

However, the residents were unbothered by the efforts adding that their voices must be heard.

Additionally, some of them were seen standing further emphasizing their point. They added that Ali’s vote would determine his fate in the 2027 General Election.

“We as the people of Nyali, are asking Mohammed Ali, we shall be watching you to see where you will cast your vote. You are either with the people or against the people,” another resident stated.

On Sunday another group of Nyali residents surrounded the MP’s vehicle demanding his resignation.

They were dissatisfied with his leadership in the constituency adding that he supported the previous bill which has led to an increase in basic commodities.

Mohammed Ali

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