Photos of Krystine Jean – The beautiful Kenyan corporate lady swindled Ksh 25 Million by a man she met on Facebook after falling in love with him.

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Friday, 25 February 2022 – Krystine Jean is the talk of social media after she narrated how a man she met on Facebook and fell in love with swindled her.

She narrated her story on Twitter through a thread dubbed ‘Dating a Kenyan Tinder Swindler’ and it has since gone viral.

The man she was dating used to fake a flamboyant lifestyle on social media and lied to her that he works at United Nations and is also a businessman. Lies that she believed for quite some time.

Before she discovered that he was lying, she had already loaned him a lot of money.

Last December, she even sponsored a vacation trip for her cunning boyfriend and his side chick without her knowledge.

Krystine is very beautiful and has a successful career in the corporate sector but she has not been lucky when it comes to matters of the heart.

She is among thousands of single and lonely career women who have been swindled by men in the name of love.

See her photos below.

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