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Kufa wakuzike Ghasia hii! SONKO allegedly told sick KALEMBE NDILE before his death even after conning him millions of shillings – This was heartbreaking

As Kenyans continue mourning the late former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile, details have emerged on the amount of money former Nairobi County Government Mike Mbuvi Sonko owed Ndile before passing on at Nairobi Hospital.

In an audio that surfaced online, Sonko is heard telling the deceased Kalembe Ndile, “Akufe Wamzike” a thing that has left many wondering why Sonko disrespected Kalembe in that conversion.

Before Kalembe’s death at the Nairobi Hospital, he reportedly had a nasty battle with former Nairobi County boss over debts amounting to Ksh7 million.

According to the late political leader, the flamboyant Sonko consumed money in a hotel but never catered for bills for his retinue.

Kalembe Ndile also claimed that he had his excavator working for Sonko and he (Mike Sonko) never bothered to pay.

This sparked mixed reaction on social media platforms with some stating that hopefully now Kalembe Ndile is dead, Sonko will move with speed and pay off his debts in the hotel as well as pay the family the dues as others urge Sonko to at least settle the dues as that is the best way to mourn the dead in African culture.

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