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How UDA, Boss Shollei & DP Ruto Facilitated KIEMS Kit Systems Loggins Infiltration By Paying Ksh 40 Million for Loggin Credentials to The IEBC Server

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1. The IEBC is solely relying on Forms 34A from the polling stations and generating their own Forms 34B where the numbers on 34A don’t tally with those on 34B.

2. The cleanup of the IEBC portal, that is, removal of the fake forms uploaded by the Chirchir led team by East Africa Data Handlers is almost complete.

3. GLADYS BOSS SHOLLEI is at the centre of the entire rigging scheme by Kenya Kwisha. On Tuesday night, a senior IEBC IT expert passed on the IEBC portal logins to her outside the Bomas main auditorium.

4. The senior IEBC IT expert, was then given directions written on a piece of paper where he would collect the Kshs 40 million lump sum for the logins. It is through his movements to Mombasa Road, which she didn’t know were being closely monitored, that the plot got to be exposed.

5. From the KIEMS kit data and the respective original Forms 34A at Bomas, the turnout in the Mt Kenya region was 53% but was inflated using an injection formula to an average of 68%.

6. From (5) above, Raila Amollo Odinga got 40% of the total Mt Kenya region votes, a figure which was suppressed to less than 25% through the one-sided vote pumping.

7. On Friday afternoon when Chirchir and team lost access to the IEBC portal, they had uploaded to the portal, thousands of unsigned, unstamped, fake Forms 34A and 34B.

8. Upon losing access, Moses Kuria was sent to Bomas with a laptop where another (friendly) IEBC official was to key in the new logins. Unfortunate for him, he was blocked by Azimio’s hawk – eyed agents at Bomas and the enhanced security team from accessing the floor of the auditorium.

9. Because thieves never give up, Wetangula’s son, whose IT firm had been contracted a few months ago to undertake maintenance of the voters register servers unsuccessfully attempted to get the new logins from yet another IEBC IT expert.

10. Only the verification of the original Forms 34A stand between Raila Amollo Odinga and State House, everything else is already finished.

It’s President Raila Amollo Odinga.

Raila Odinga

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