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I would lock myself in the house and cry when i imagine my Beautiful Wife is being “eaten” by someone else-Daddy Owen

Daddy owen: Faded gospel singer, Owen Mwatia alias Daddy Owen, has confirmed that he has parted ways with his Kikuyu wife, Farida Wambui, after 5 years of a troubled marriage.

The System Ya Kapungala hitmaker walked down the aisle with Faridah in 2016 in a hyped wedding that grabbed showbiz headlines.

After exchanging vows in the colourful wedding, they were portraying themselves as a perfect couple on social media but behind the scenes, their marriage was crumbling like the Tower of Babel.

Owen revealed that his life was completely shattered after his marriage failed.

He fell into depression and at some point, he thought of committing suicide.

Owen narrated how he would lock himself in the house and cry after being tormented by his wife.

He stopped writing and releasing songs since nothing in life made sense to him.

“We have been discussing our issues as a couple and consulting when things don’t go right. We haven’t been agreeing on everything and that is human. 

However, when one wrong leads to another, you really have to get concerned and start thinking hard. When it came to that, I fell into depression and could lock myself in the house and cry, asking God why this was going on. 

I stopped writing and releasing songs, as my creativity wasn’t working. I could not pray, as I felt weak inside. I contemplated doing everything wrong, even death. 

Nothing in life makes sense. The worst bit is that everyone out there thinks you have it all put together and life is progressive,” he said.

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