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I used my HELB loan but you denied me votes,Im going to o commit Suicide- Meru MCA cries foul

A young aspiring Meru MCA candidate who was defeated on the ballot has gone viral after recording a video of him lamenting about the loss.

Festus Kithinji, who was eyeing the Mbeu Ward MCA seat under a Wiper ticket, says he used all his savings on campaigns.

He said how he felt played after losing the position which he had saved for even using his HELB funds after starting his political career three years ago.

“I have utilised all my resources, I’ve been saving, even my HELB, since I was in campus, saving for this election,” he said.

He said that he felt cheated as he was leading in almost all the opinion polls but it did not reflect on the ballot.

“I was leading according to the opinion polls, but last minute you just decide to give somebody because of money, that is unfair to me.”

“As I stand here, my account reads zero, I put all my efforts there thinking you are giving me this, you people are liers, why did you lie to me, calling me mheshimiwa, yet you knew you will never give me your votes,”  he said.

He was also bitter that some polling stations did not secure even a single vote for him with others telling him that 2027 will be better.

“2027 will be better, better in which way, people will come with money and I can’t promise I will have enough money for you people.”

He said he is contemplating quitting politics and people should not call him at any event. 

“Life must continue, I have a life to live, politics is not a matter of life and death, if you have a Harambe please keep it to yourself,”  he said.

In a second video that he released hours after the first one, Kithinji said that his political journey remains unwavering and that his name will again be on the ballot in 2027.

“I have been crying a lot lately but I am done with all that. My name will be on the ballot in 2027. Let me look for money in the meantime. I have come to realise that politics is all about money. I am going to get money then go after power,” he said.



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