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Guardian Angel’s wife, Esther Musila, had a QnA session on her Instagram where she allowed her followers to ask questions and eventually share some of her responses.

One curious fan asked her if she ever thought of having a child with Guardian Angel to which she said she didn’t have to think.

‘Have you thought of having a child with Guardian?’ the follower asked.

‘I don’t have to think’ Musila replied.

Could that mean that she is considering having another child with Guardian Angel? Esther already has three children, a daughter and two sons from her previous relationship.

Speaking of her children, Musila set the record straight on her son’s attendance at her wedding. A fan asked Esther why her son didn’t attend her wedding to which Esther responded with:

“Who said he didn’t attend?”

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel made headlines after they went public with their relationship.

Part of the conversation was their age difference. Musila is in her 50s while Guardian Angel is in his early 30s. Despite what netizens had to say about this relationship, these two turned a deaf ear and even got married!

In a previous QnA, Esther had revealed that guardian Angel treats her children as if they were his so we didn’t think she’d be talking about babies with Guardian Angel.

The singer has also never talked about having babies with Esther to him, all that was important was that they are together, and he proposed!

Fans have also noticed how the singer has gained weight and Musila, still on the QnA joked how she has been feeding him right.

Esther added that she misses when she wasn’t ‘popular’ since nowadays she can’t be herself because so many people are watching.

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