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Diamonds Plutnumz Father Apologises & Begs Son to help him and Regrets for abandoning him as a toddler

Last week, a video that went viral showed Diamond Platnumz father, Mzee Abdul Juma, asking the son to help him just as he is helping others.

Platnumz vowed to pay three months’ rent to 500 Tanzanians during this pandemic.

In the interview with a Tanzaniab blog, Mzee Abdul said, “It will be well if he remembers me. We don’t meet all the time unless it’s an emergency. That’s the problem.

“We don’t talk but sometimes I speak to Babu Tale (Diamond’s manager). You cannot force someone into doing something.”

“He shouldn’t stay too long to a point that he forgets me, God forgives, he should also forgive.”

Adding, “I am still his father and I believe he will come back here to me. He will not have another father.”

Last year, Diamond patched things up with his dad at the singer’s radio station and they did an interview together.

In another interview over the weekend, Baba Diamond said he can’t blame Mama Diamond for their misunderstanding.

“Families have their own issues and I want to believe that we spoke and patched things,” he said.

“He is an adult and his mother cannot influence him to do things. I believe that one day he’ll come to acknowledge that both father and mother are important.”

Adding that Diamond’s kids live with their mothers and they cannot at any point be influenced once they are grown.

“When we patched things, he’d come and we’d sit and laugh but unfortunately, things change and that is how life is,” he said.

The last time the two were together was last year at Queen Darleen’s wedding.

Baba Diamond still says he battles a leg problem. “Yes, I still have the leg problem, but it’s not as bad as it was before.”


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