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Despite Duale Being Loyal to Uhuru, He is the most Educated, Fierce Warrior,Eloquent, hardworking & Intelligent in Kenya-Ahmednasir Abdullahi,

One of Kenya’s sharpest legal minds, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has spoken about the looming Parliamentary changes within Jubilee Party where Leader of Majority, Aden Duale, is expected to be axed.

On June 2nd, Uhuru will lead a Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting in State House, Nairobi, where Duale, who is also the Garissa Township MP will be removed for being disloyal to the party.

Duale’s position will be taken by Kieni MP, Kanini Kega, who is a close confidante of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking about the purge on Wednesday, Ahmednasir who is nicknamed the Grand Mullah in legal circles said Uhuru will be making a big mistake by removing Duale.

The lawyer said Duale is one of the most loyal men in the President’s inner circle and anyone who will replace him will be just another fox.

Ahmednasir said Duale is a lion the party has and others are rabbits, cats and foxes

“MY JUBILEE party will not get a more LOYAL, ELOQUENT HARDWORKING, FIERCE WARRIOR as majority leader than Hon @HonAdenDuale. The names being tossed/ peddled around as his replacement are rabbits, cats and foxes compared to the lion the party has,” Ahmednasir stated.

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