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Stupid, Foolish and Illiterate Kiambu Single Mother Mama Mboga used by UDA to sell ‘hustler agenda’ during campaigns cries for help after her son was detained at KNH over unpaid bills – Claims UDA bigwigs have abandoned her .

Popular Kiambu mama mboga Pauline Waithera has claimed UDA politicians who used her for campaigns in 2022 have sidelined her.

Ruto used her to epitomize his election agenda which centered most on the common citizenry, popularly known as hustlers.

Before the vote, she accompanied Ruto to the town hall meetings within Kiambu to sell the bottom-up agenda.

Speaking close to two years after the election, Waithera revealed there was nothing to write home about despite all the fame she gained after hobnobbing with Ruto, who was at the time deputizing Uhuru Kenyatta.

First, she denied the assertions that she was paid KSh 5 million by the state.

She clarified that no one from the government had checked on her as they did during the campaigns, revealing it was only Kiambu woman representative Anne Wamuratha who had taken the initiative to call on her.

“No one ever picks up my calls. Not even one. 

“Just Anne Wamuratha. Yesterday she also called. 

“I am so grateful because she’s the only one who has shown me support. 

“She really calls me while others do not want to see my calls. 

“I even asked her to find out the one who claimed that I was paid KSh 5 million,” she said amid sobs.



Her son is currently detained at Kenyatta National Hospital over unpaid bills.

Waithera lives in a shanty with her son and his three kids.

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