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Chinese Ambassador to Kenya adds insult to injury evens as Kenyans are being mistreated like dogs in China – See what he said that has angered even UHURU

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Wu Peng, has responded to complaints from Kenyans following the mistreatment of fellow countrymen in China.
According to Wu Peng, Kenyans were mistreated in China as a result of them not maintaining social distance and therefore there is nothing to apologize for.
Kenyans and other Africans were forced to sleep on the streets after they were evicted from their houses in China while being accused of having Covid-19. 

“People who found themselves in trouble did not follow regulations on social distancing. Most reported are not Kenyans,” stated the Chinese Ambassador.

According to reports, Chinese police evicted Africans including Kenyans, forcibly and took away their legal documents.
Posters have been put up in malls and restaurants asking Africans to stay away and in some videos, they were also banned from accessing hospitals.
In the tweet thread, Wu Peng went on to note that he is in constant touch with authorities in China on the safety of Kenyans and reiterated that there are solid relations between the two nations.

He also asserted that China has zero-tolerance for discrimination of foreigners.
President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has raised official complaints with Beijing over the issue. 


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