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Boda Boda Rider Rapes a Mzungu Woman Who Had hired Him from Ngong To Nairobi and Infected her with HIV

Police have arrested a boda boda rider who is suspected of abducting a foreign national, raping her, stealing her M-Pesa money and abandoning  her in Ngong area

The suspect identified as Protas Onsongo was arrested on Saturday, hours after the incident, as he attempted to flee the city.

His forcible transfer from her M-Pesa account to his mobile phone contributed to his arrest, according to the police. 

The young woman recounted to officers at Ongata Rongai police station how she was raped by the suspect in Oloolua forest in Ngong, Kajiado county.

Security cameras along the route captured is movement.

At about 4.30am on Saturday, the woman and two friends left Club 1824, a popular club along Langata Road.

At the parking area, the three foreigners hailed three motorbikes to drop them at a hotel in the CBD, where they had reserved rooms, she said.

But just after they had joined Langata Road headed towards the city centre, the victim’s motorbike, which was the last to leave, made a sudden detour and sped towards Bomas of Kenya.

The victim realised there was a problem when she noticed a lot of vegetation that is not on the Ongata Rongai route.

She tried raising the alarm but no one heard her as the bike sped towards Oloolua Forest.

After she reported the crimes, detectives launched a manhunt for the suspect. Earlier, cybercrime detectives had identified the rapist using digital forensics.

In a coordinated operation that also involved the National Transport and Safety Authority, the suspect was intercepted in Ngong at around 3pm, as he attempted to flee the city.

Details of his motorbike had been circulated and had been traced to Ngong Town where he was found.

Using his mobile phone details, the detectives traced him to his hideout on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, scene of crime technicians visited the scene of the incident and gathered evidence.

They will use DNA samples from from the suspect to build a case against him.

The victim was taken to a medical facility in Ongata Rongai, where the required tests and procedures were undertaken.

This attack comes barely a month after another woman was sexually molested by a mob of boda boda riders along Wangari Mathai Road.

Detectives are also investigating whether the boda boda rider had complied with recent requirement, including which Sacco, if any, the bike was registered under.

DCI chief George Kinoti said police are determined to weed out rogue operators.

“We to appeal to members of the public who might have been victimised in the same manner within the areas of Langata and Ongata Rongai to liaise with DCI Langata,” he said.

They also can call police hotlines 911, 112 and 999 or #FichuakwaDCI 0800 722 203 for further investigation.

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