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Betty Kyallo leaves K24, continues converting two-storey house into salon , SPA& Massage Plus Extras

News anchor Betty Kyallo has left K24 after a two-year stint at the CBD-based broadcaster.

During her final show on Saturday, she said, “I really appreciated you all. It’s now time for me to say Goodbye here on K24 TV, if we meet again great, if not you know how you can find me on all my social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, Betty Kyallo lately its going to be popping and we are going to be doing great things there. Thank you so much for all your support I appreciate You God bless you and I love you. Good Night.”

K24 last month announced a 50 per cent pay cut as the effects of coronavirus continued to bite.

Kyallo has been focusing on building her social media presence with her YouTube channel.

She also moved the location of her beauty salon ‘Flair by Betty’ from FCB Mihrab in Kilimani to a location yet to be disclosed.

Kyallo has, however, given her fans a glimpse of her new location which is a maisonette with its own compound which has been turned into her salon-cum-spa.

She said she has come a long way in her business from leaving her partnership with Susan Kaitany, with whom she started Posh Palace, to getting her own salon right opposite and now bigger premises.

Kyallo said on her YouTube channel that when she went to the location at FCB Mirhab, her clients complained it was smaller than Posh Palace, and although it hurt, it gave her motivation.


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