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Bernice Saroni, a single mother, home wrecker and flesh peddler in the USshares unknown details about her failed marriage

Bernice Saroni, Samidoh’s US music promoter and family friend has said she never became a single mother out of choice.

She was responding to a fan of hers who accused her of ill-advising her friend Edday Nderitu to ditch her husband Samidoh.

“She advised Edday to leave her marriage wafanane, it’s like ye happen Samidoh. Remember her Tiktok when he was in the USA? But Edday is smarter than her.”

Saroni responded saying Edday is a virtuous woman.

“Edday will never be like me but that beautiful daughter of your’s you camm mum will end up being a single mother like me.

You will pay for it, God is not a boy to be mocked.I never chose my status. When I started my marriage, I started to finish it.When I was giving someone four kids, I never thought I would be a single mum one day. I have been paid for dowry, do not judge people just by looking at them.”

Mama Boys as she calls herself told the fan that despite her divorce she was married officially and undergone all the traditional marriage rites.

“Maybe you are the type of woman whose dowry is paid after they die just so that they get buried at their husband’s home.

I signed a marriage certificate and completed all the traditional ceremonies.

Stop always commenting without thinking.I salute all single mothers and may God renew your strength to take care of your kids.

It takes a lot to bring up kids alone, you do not need a man to survive, You need God and hard work.” She strongly stated.

Bernice saroni

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