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Here Is The Woman Accused Of Wrecking Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu’s Marriage (Photos)

On Monday, Citizen TV news anchor and the 10 Over 10 host Willis Raburu was the talk of town.

Well, Raburu a churchgoing fellow is no longer living with his wife of three years, Mary Ngami alias Marya Prude.

The delightful host left Marya over a certain Ugandan woman. So serious are things between them that they are cohabiting in Kileleshwa and Marya now at a rented apartment in Thindigua, Kiambu county.

The separation happened in March immediately after they returned to Kenya from the United States.

The now estranged couple had just lost their daughter, Adana.

According to social media users, however, the woman whom Raburu is involved with is Miva Noella (Instagram username).

The curvy beauty is not Ugandan but of Rwandese rationality.

According to screenshots seen by Kahawa Tungu,  Noella denies knowing the 10 Over 10 host.

“I am crying right now everybody is sending me that. I don’t even know the guy,” she said in one of the text messages.

Willis raburu

In another message shared on Instagram, Noella laments about receiving a lot of direct messages over the issue.

“Hi everybody, I didn’t feel the need to reply to this lie, but I’m getting exhaustingly many DMs asking me about this and everyone deserves to know the truth. I want to let every Kenyan reading this that I don’t know the guy Twitter is portraying me to know. Thanks,” she wrote.

Here Is The Woman Accused Of Wrecking Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu’s Marriage (Photos)
Willis raburu

The Hot96 FM presenter is yet to comment on the issue.

Marya has since deactivated her social media accounts.

Neither of them has celebrated their wedding anniversary which was on May 5.

Here are photos of Noella:

woman accused wrecking willis raburu marriage

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