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6 Everyday behaviors that will ruin your new relationship and keep you single for the rest of your life

It makes sense that some supposedly deal-breakers in relationships should be disregarded since relationships are multifaceted, but some behaviours are so insightful that they must demand your recognition.

For most of us who still believe in love, there are chances that you run into someone who is really delightful. You start dating and gradually spend more time together since you’re enthusiastic about this individual.

Everything is going well, but occasionally your new companion has a tendency to engage in certain ‘bad habits.’ You will try to come up with a plan because you can’t get rid of the uneasy feeling that something is off.

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A couple on a video call. PHOTO/Pexels
A couple on a video call. PHOTO/Pexels

When identifying the best way to handle the situation, have in it mind that everyone carries some baggage and there is no such thing as the ideal companion (even you). That is very normal. And while at it, do not let your partner drag full loads from their past into your present life, it will haul a lot of inconveniences.

Identify if prior events, may make your partner lack trust, but this shouldn’t make you have to justify everything you do. Understand that a relationship will only become more difficult over time if it begins this difficult.

With the above in mind, there are some behaviours that we shouldn’t bring into a relationship since they just serve to sabotage it. These six actions will damage your relationship.

1. Acting single

If you are behaving single when in a relationship, you are disrespecting your partner. So how have you acted single? When you frequently create plans without telling your partner about them, you are acting single.

When you withhold things from your partner and refuse to tell them where you are, you are acting single. A relationship may end as a result of this behaviour. You should take your partner’s sentiments into account while you are in a relationship.

A couple getting cosy and enjoying some wine. PHOTO/Pexels
A couple getting cosy and enjoying some wine. PHOTO/Pexels

2. Insecurity

A lack of love for oneself is the source of all insecurity. It is extremely difficult and self-destructive to depend on anyone other than oneself for love. This is due to the fact that it’s imperative to develop a reservoir of unwavering love for oneself first.

First, you must accept that uncertainty starts with how we view ourselves before spreading to other facets of our lives, such as relationships, social encounters, the workplace, friendships, and so forth.

It’s disheartening to see that most individuals struggle with insecurity, which might end relationships. Jealousy too stems from insecurity, which erodes trust in a partnership.

3. Dishonesty

A relationship’s downfall might also result from lying. Being dishonest makes it challenging for your partner to have faith in you, which can cause issues in a relationship.

Dishonesty begins with small matters that grow over time, like sneaking around your significant other saying you’re somewhere you’re not, and with someone who you can’t say cause they will get upset. 

A couple having a bonding time. PHOTO/Pexels
A couple having a bonding time. PHOTO/Pexels

If you reassure your partner that certain behaviours will stop but then don’t. Other times you are hiding messages and calls, all these sums up through dishonest behaviours.

4. Nagging

Any relationship can be destroyed by nagging. When one partner requests something repeatedly and the other partner ignores it, nagging develops. Both parties must deal with the underlying reason for nagging in order to handle it in a relationship.

5. Disrespectfulness

Another attitude that might cause a relationship to fail is being disrespectful. Being rude to your partner is treating them like nothing and not caring about how they are feeling.

It is good to understand that no one can force another person to be respectful, therefore if you feel respect is not being served, I would suggest you either make your desire to be respected clear or end the relationship.

6. Using a phone constantly

The era of social media has made communication easier than ever before. However, the majority of people talk on the phone for too long, even while they are with their partner, and this behaviour can cause a relationship to terminate. Spend meaningful time with your partner by learning to put your phone away.

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