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You made UHURU a dictator and you are now getting what you deserve! Forget about 2022 – MANYORA tells RUTO point blank

Political analyst and University of Nairobi (UoN) don, Herman Manyora, has advised Deputy President William Ruto to shelve his 2022 presidential bid and instead focus on capturing the seat in 2027.

Manyora stated that with the removal of his allies from key leadership positions in the Senate, it had become apparent that the forces against Ruto were determined to ensure that he does not clinch the seat.

He advised Ruto’s allies in the National Assembly to take a step back to avoid similar embarrassment arguing that Ruto’s perceived numbers in the house had been proven to be a fallacy.

The analyst observed that some of Ruto’s allies such as Senator Millicent Omanga had deserted him in the vote to remove Kindiki, casting it as a sign of things to come.

“I watched, I saw the agony on the faces people like Millicent Omanga as they were forced to save their own skin, to mind their own cup of tea and sufuria of ugali by voting yes.”

“So, my friends, when you talk about numbers, you also do not understand politics.”

“Where were the numbers when Waititu needed them most? You said, ooh ODM came on board. Where were the numbers when the motion qualified for debate to remove Kindiki?”

“Murkomen, where were the numbers when you were shown the door?”

“Where were the numbers when Susan Kihika was shown the door? Political reality.”

“Where were the numbers when Kindiki needed them most?”

“You need to look at the numbers, the fallacy of numbers is unfolding before your eyes,” he stated.

He maintained that Ruto’s team would be ill-advised to think that they still had control of the numbers in the National Assembly, as opposed to the Senate which has fewer members making it easier to potentially manipulate.

“You’ll be embarrassed.”

“Save yourself the embarrassment, smell the coffee, look at the wall.”

“Open your eyes and read the writing on the wall. You will lose in the National Assembly.”

“This is how politics works. I told you Uhuru has not moved, he has only coughed a little and people are ducking under the bed,” he stated.

Manyora further warned Ruto’s team that their perceived numbers on the ground could also turn out to be a fallacy.

He argued that, to create some room to fight ahead of 2022, Ruto’s allies should have first taken a backseat as they were not in a position to lecture Kenyans about democracy and human rights given their records.

“You surrendered Parliament to State House.”

“You participated in the making of bad laws. Don’t remind us.”

“Do you remember the Security laws? You were there as police were harassing innocent Kenyans, you were there as people died,” he added.

Manyora advised Ruto to retreat and go back to the drawing board to shift his focus from 2022 to the next General Elections in 2027.

“My good advice to you, since one thing after the other is showing you that 2022 is gone, focus on 2027 and 2032,” he asserted.


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