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Two Police officers shoot each other to death over a Twilight woman

Two police officers are nursing injuries sustained after they shot at themselves at a popular entertainment joint in Nairobi.

Initial reports report indicate the argument between Constables Festus Musyoka Kavuthi and Lawrence Muturi, attached to Starehe DCI and Kasarani Petty Crime United respectively, could have been over a woman.

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But Kasarani sub-county police commander Peter Mwanzo has ruled out the love triangle theory.

“Initial investigations have ruled out the love triangle theory. There was a conflict, and we are following up,” he said.

According to the police report, PC, Musyoka withdrew his pistol and shot PC Muturi in hand.

In retaliation, PC Muturi also took out his firearm and shot PC Musyoka on the left part of the neck, accidentally shooting the woman, identified as Felistas Nzisa, on the abdomen.

The SCPC, however, says the Friday night incident involves a third person who they are looking for.

“Investigations have revealed that there was a third person who is involved in the shooting of the police officers. He was the one who shot the officers and the woman and disappeared. We are still trying to establish his identity,” SCPC Mwanzo said.

Further, the woman who was shot during the incident had not accompanied one of the officers, as earlier reported.

Felistas Nzisa was not even part of the group where the two officers had gathered.

The two officers were attending the birthday party of the Kasarani police station, the officer commanding station (OCS) when the incident occurred.

They were left behind after the party ended.

CCTV footage seen by Nairobi News shows two people, including the unknown assailant approaching the officers.

The person who accompanied the assailant walks to the officers and pulls them to where the assailant was standing.

They are seen talking for a few seconds before a man tries to hit the assailant.

This is when the assailant is seen withdrawing his gun and firing as he ran in the opposite direction.

One person (a police officer) falls as everyone scatters for safety.

From the CCTV also two women are seen talking at the entrance of the club.

After the gunshots, one woman runs for safety as the other one falls to the ground.

That is the woman who has been identified as Nzisa.

The SCPC says constable Musyoka was shot on the left side of his neck; constable Muturi shot on the hand while Nzisa was shot on the stomach.

The firearms of the two officers have been confiscated as investigations into the incident commences.

PC Musyoka and Nzisa were rushed to Nehema Uhai Hospital for treatment, after which the officer was transferred to the Nairobi Hospital for further treatment.

The other officer who sustained injures on his hand checked himself into Radiant Hospital in Pangani, where he was treated and discharged.​

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