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We Used To Collect 50k Cash in DP Ruto’s Karen Home so that we can Insult Uhuru, Discredit BBI and Cause Divisiveness in Kenya; Cate Waruguru says

In a Local TV Interview,

Cate Waruguru Says they used to be collect 50, 000 Every Friday at Karen, it was in cash in order to eliminate any evidence of transaction,So in a month, it you could get up to 200k.However, it came with conditions, you had to Insult the President, Fight BBI, Soil Raila and Praise William Ruto.

She says it was not easy for her, she was doing it for money but at some point, her soul refused since it was so toxic and she felt used.

In additional, They had to make Nicholas Talaam who is the Deputy President commission director, an admin on their Facebook Pages.He could post long narratives Insulting the President or soiling Handshake even without your consent.She added that MPs are broke since most are trying to pay loans that took to buy cars and houses after being Elected, every MP has between 2 – 3 Toyota Land cruiser V8,One V8 costs around 17 million, car Grant is only 7 Million, you have to take loans to add.If you pay these young and broke Parliamentarians 200k Per month, they will praise you and do everything that you instruct them.But I moved out, I now feel liberated, it was slavery, I was doing something which I don’t like. That is the worst feeling.

If you see Your MPs following him and Insulting the President, they are on payroll, they are trying to pay back their loans, but I believe when the times comes, they shall be back and confess.She concluded

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