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Usitubebe Ujinga! Murang’a residents now reject RUTO’s affordable houses as they chase him away from their 1400-acre land – Look!

President William Ruto’s plan to build affordable houses in Murang’a County may have ended up in smoke after Murang’a residents declined this pathological lier.

This is after residents rejected his plans, saying they don’t need his affordable houses.

Residents, under the umbrella of the Kandara Residents Association, rejected a plan to have affordable houses built on their 1400-acre piece of land.

The land was ceded by a multi-national fruit company after over a decade-long legal battle.

In 2021, the Parliamentary Lands Committee noted that the association should be given 70 percent of the land with the other going to Murang’a County Government.

In a twist of events, the county government decided to use the land to build a Level 5 Hospital, host the affordable housing program, a bus park, and a slate of other social amenities.

Led by their Chairperson Geoffrey Kairu, they noted that they did not want Ruto’s legacy to be established on their land.

Kairu further called for an out-of-court settlement with the county government on subdividing the land.

“The case is in the Court of Appeal so no construction should be ongoing. Murang’a County Government, Kandara Residents Association, and the Ministry of Lands should agree on what should be done,” Kairu pleaded for an out-of-court settlement.

One of the Association members remarked that they were being shortchanged by the promise of the amenities.

“We need our 70 per cent and nothing will go on here. We have even declined the proposed hospital,” she noted.

She quickly added that the area needed a hospital but should not be done at the expense of squatters waiting on the subdivision of the land. 

On Monday, the association pleaded with Water Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome to ensure they got their rightful share.

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