Things that attract the opposite sex like magnet

Everyone likes to feel attractive. But more often than not, what really turns people on is not how you look, but how you behave.

So stop worrying about your appearance, and smile. Because a genuine smile will make you far more attractive to the opposite sex, especially if you’re making good eye contact, and show signs of liking what you see.

Both men and women check each other out once their eyes meet, but in different ways.

They spend a similar amount of time looking at each other’s bodies, but the men spend longer looking at a girl’s face because that’s what reveals her level of interest.

The length of his gaze also suggest how interested he is in her. Just a glance, and you’re probably not the love of his life.

But anything longer than around four seconds and he’s probably smitten. That doesn’t work for women though, so the length of her gaze won’t tell you whether you’ve made a conquest.


But your chances will be far better if you arrived in an expensive car. The guy in the flash car will get the girl every time, all things being equal, because a man’s wealth and status matter to women, even those in well paid careers.

Which is why older men go for those expensive cars. So the women will still find them interesting despite their expanding waistline.

A man’s testosterone level automatically increases whenever he’s talking to a young woman, and that ramps up his dominance behaviour.

Like the way he squares his shoulders, stands tall, and brags about his career, education and income. And strange as it may seem, dominant behaviours like that do seem to be attractive to women.

But be careful about a guy who’s in the mood for sexual intercourse. Because men make some strange decisions when they’re turned on.

Like they’re sexing up someone they actually hate. And can get funny about slipping on a condom.

But what about her? Almost all women say they’re turned on by feeling loved by their partner. And that they have trouble getting excited unless they’re feeling attractive. But after that, anything goes.

Like while some women say they like a man’s smell, others say they hate it. Some like making love in a new environment.


Others are really turned off by the thought that they might be overheard. Anger stops some women in their tracks, while others use lovemaking to make up after a fight.

Some are turned on by a man’s appearance, but far more are aroused by his talent or intelligence.

And a young couple’s desire generally only matches during the days of the month when she’s fertile. That’s when she’s most likely to take the lead, or wear provocative clothing.

But women’s desires increase as they approach middle age, while that of men decreases. So their libido does finally match.

And the more often a couple makes love, the better. Because nothing stimulates desire like frequent practice.


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