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Sonko claims the ‘system’ served him alcohol at State House and became totally drunk and did not know what he was signing

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has insisted that he was drunk when he signed the deed of transfer of functions transferring some county functions to the national government at State House. Sonko repeated his assertions that he was served with alcohol ahead of the signing ceremony in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka in June and that he was not in his right frame of mind. Appearing on Jeff Koinange Live show on Citizen Tv on Wednesday night, Sonko clarified that he was not drinking with President Kenyatta but blamed the “system.” “It is not a sin or crime to drink. 70% of Kenyans drink. I like telling Kenyans the truth. I was not drinking with the President that day when I was summoned to sign the transfer of functions,” he explained to Jeff Koinange Sonko instead blamed the ‘system’ for serving him alcoholic drinks ahead of the signing ceremony that has come back to haunt him.. “Before meeting the President we were taking drinks and that was the work of the ‘system.’ Walinipangia hapo kwa canteen. Tulikuwa tunachapachapa vitu. Nilikuwa nimeonja kitu. The system arranged so that I can drink something at the State House canteen. I had taken something. The word system has been used by Deputy President William Ruto in the past two weeks to suggest a group of powerful people holding influence in the government who are all out to stop him from succeeding Mr Kenyatta when his presidetial term of office expires in 2022. The city county governor also indicated that the decision to transfer functions to the Nairobi Metropolitan Service was taken because he was facing corruption charges in court. “I had no otherwise. I was charged in court. I didnt have a deputy. We needed a lot of help from the national government,” he added.

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