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Shock as Churchill Show Comedian , Kasee died of Poisoning

An autopsy report has revealed what killed deceased Churchill Show comedian, Kasee.

Kasee’s body was found lying by the roadside in Kinoo, a day after he had gone drinking with friends.

According to the chairman of Comedians in Kenya, Ken Waudo, the autopsy report reveals that the late Kasee was poisoned.

“The final results of post-mortem conducted on the late comedian indicated that he had drank from a poisoned chalice.”

“It’s a matter under police investigations, so we will not comment further on it,’’ he said.

Before Kasee died, he had turned into an alcoholic after suffering from depression.

He would spend most of his time in cheap drinking dens around Kinoo.

His fellow comedian, Chipukeezy, disclosed that Kasee had reached out to him for help and confessed that he was depressed.

“Kasee was under pressure to keep his shine on even as he fell off the limelight.”

“He reached out to me and opened up about his tribulations and how all this had thrown him into depression and alcoholism.”

“He, however, said he was ready to fix his issues and refocus.” Chipukeezy said.

The Churchill Show comedian was buried last weekend at his home village in Machakos.


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