RUTO is the HITLER of today and will deliver terror and hell if he becomes president – CS MATIANG’I warns Kenyan voters as he deconstructs Hustler Narrative

Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i, has condemned the hustler narrative being peddled by Deputy President William Ruto, saying that it will not offer any tangible benefits to the people of Kenya, and specifically the youth, women, and the poor as it has been packaged by the DP.

Speaking yesterday, the tough-talking CS likened Ruto’s hustler narrative to Adolf Hitler’s era,

According to Matiang’i, Ruto’s campaign is like that of Adolf Hitler who had promised Germans ‘heaven’ only to deliver ‘hell’.

Adolf Hitler, who was an Austrian-born German politician, reigned terror in Germany from 1933 to 1945, ruling with wrath and unchecked authority.

Matiang’i cautioned Kenyans not to fall prey to Ruto’s hustler narrative in the upcoming elections, warning that voters risk finding themselves in the same position as the Germans during the Hitler era.

Matiang’i further deconstructed the hustler campaign as mere rhetoric intended to appeal to the impoverished masses, a narrative he says is masked with dictatorial intentions.

“Hitler during the campaign in Germany, told Germans to give him five years and he will give them a different Germany, and he actually gave them a seriously different Germany because he slaughtered the Jews, gas chambers and so on,” the Cabinet Secretary narrated.

The CS further argued that the hustler agenda is unrealistic and misplaced and that the Deputy President was weaponizing poverty against Kenyans.

“Hitler moved around sweeping the country, taking advantage of poverty and weaponizing the poverty of the people and then now using it as a platform.”

“Let’s not fall trap to things that are not true and are not realistic,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to take the upcoming elections seriously, saying that it is the most consequential of all the elections Kenya has had in the past.

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