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RUTO finally ‘quits’ UHURU’s Government as the president talks tough – See what happened yesterday during Cabinet meeting

President Uhuru Kenyatta held a Cabinet meeting at State House yesterday, just a day after making changes in his government.

But his Deputy, William Ruto, was nowhere to be seen as he snubbed the meeting; something that raised eyebrows as to whether he had finally quit the government.

Ruto has been critical of his own government lately; something that has put him on the warpath with Uhuru.

Uhuru reportedly told CSs, PSs and CASs who are dissatisfied with the government to also quit and follow Ruto who also seems to be to dissatisfied with his own government.

He particularly warned government officials who were not keen on working with him to quit and join other factions like The Hustler Movement and Tanga Tanga and allow him to govern the nation peacefully. 

“He said he was only keen to work with a strong united team and warned those with their loyalties elsewhere that they were free to leave and he would readily replace them.”

“He said it is either you are with him or not,” insiders claimed.

However, Ruto’s allies insisted that Uhuru did not invite DP to yesterday’s Cabinet meeting and that’s why he did not attend.

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