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PHOTOs of the lady accused of breaking HARMONIZE’s relationship with KAJALA – She has a body to die for.

A Tanzanian video vixen only identified as Sophie is reportedly the cause of Harmonize’s breakup with Fridah Kajala.

Word has it that hell broke loose when Fridah confronted Harmonize when she gathered evidence that they were secretly dating.

The singer is said to have mercilessly battered Kajala with punches, prompting her to move out of their palatial mansion.

According to one of Harmonize’s close acquaintances, Kajala is totally done with the relationship after the assault.

Harmonize’s alleged side chick appeared in his ‘Amelowa’ music video which was released two months ago.

Interestingly, she bears a great resemblance to Fridah Kajala although the lady used to be an escort in Nairobi, here her link

Kajala has since changed her profile’s details deleting the part she had included about being the wife and manager to Harmonize.

Additionally, Kajala deleted all the photos she had previously posted with her lover.

Though Harmonize has not yet cleared his posts, Kajala had earlier shared that she has since forgiven him.

In her temporary post, Kajala said, “I am a woman and a human being who is created to love and also forgive, but for this I’m meant to be laughed at, criticised and even be mocked.

I’m not here to defend myself or point a finger at anyone. It is true I made a mistake and have accepted that I’m incomplete. Truly, I have erred my family, siblings and friends. #Nimekoma#”

Below are photos of the pretty video vixen alleged to have caused their break up.

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