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NICK RUTO’s father-in-law is a notorious land fraudster and a Murderer – He scammed the Government millions of shillings.

Over the weekend, Deputy President William Ruto’s eldest son, Nick Ruto, married his long-term lover, Evelyn Chemtai, in a traditional ceremony commonly referred to as Koito in the Kalenjin Community.

The invite-only ceremony was held at Windy Ridge hotel in Karen.

Nick’s wife is the daughter of David Barno, a prominent businessman from Laikipia County and a notorious land fraudster.

His name has been featured prominently in land fraud cases.

In 2018, he was among the suspects who were linked to an alleged SGR compensation scam where millions of shillings were paid to undeserving persons and entities for the land where the SGR passes through in Embakasi, Nairobi County.

“David Some Barno Wah! Name appears in nearly all manner of land fraud cases. 

“Indeed birds of a feather flock together. Congratulations Nick Ruto on your Koito. 

“Dynasties in Kenya are indeed never born but made,” a Twitter user noted after googling his name.

Nick Ruto father in law

He reportedly colludes with rogue officials from the National Land Commission to grab prime land and transact other fraudulent land deals.

Nick’s father-in-law is reportedly among the richest people in Laikipia County, where he owns several ranches.

Nick Rutos father in law

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