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I’m open to dating a financially unstable man as long as he respects me and has a big dick to fuck me – 37-year-old LILIAN MULI now says.

Citizen TV anchor, Lilian Muli, is open to dating a younger man, who is not necessarily financially stable, as long as he respects her.

Speaking during a question-and-answer session with her fans, the sassy anchor and mother of two said that respect is what matters to her.

“Would you date a younger man who is not financially stable,” a fan asked and she responded saying, “I would date anyone who respects me,”.

The 37-year-old media personality also said that she is open to dating a foreigner but at the moment, she has no plans of getting married.

“Can you get engaged to a foreigner who really loves you and appreciates you,” a fan posed and she responded saying, “If I was looking to get married yes but I’m not”.

She is also ready to fall in love again despite past heartbreaks.

She believes that even if her heart is broken a million times, she will find the right partner one day.

Below are screenshots of her question-and-answer session with fans.

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