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Kikuyu King of Mugithi, Mighty Salim Died a painful death, with no friend to Pick Up his call, Kikuyus are hypocrites.

Celebrated Kikuyu benga musician, mighty Salim, died a neglected death.Mighty salim , also known as King of Mugithi passed since he couldn’t raise a hospital bill and the Harambee that was to contribute money for his treatment was called off by Moses Kuria. Kuria gave Salim Mighty a bouncing cheque.Is this the hypocrisy of Kikuyus?

Mighty Salim asked for help, but most of his friends gave him a fake comforting smile. It has now emerged that one MP gave him a bouncing cheque when he badly needed hospitalization while another lied that he would help him to build a recording studio. Kikuyu radio stations and fellow Musicians had organized fundraising which did not meet the required money for his treatment. The revelation emerged online after the legendary Mugithi singer breathed his last on the evening of Sunday, January 24. According to his Facebook post on August 9, 2019, the singer lamented being ignored by politicians whom he sought help from to raise KSh 2.5 million to undergo a kidney transplant”Allow me to speak my heart because this hurts so much, stop needing us only during campaigns. It really pains calling someone over 10 times saying they are in a meeting, to my friend politician am still keeping the fake cheque. It’s now four months bless you, ” wrote Salim.The singer also called out radio and television stations which he claimed failed to help him when he needed it the most.He said it was imprudent not to help people in need when they are still alive but get concerned when they are dead insisting “a corpse doesn’t need you or your money”.”I have been around your place so much and I have made many calls to you and I might not succeed or leave forever. My life is in your hands. My God whether I die or live it is God’s will, but this is not good if you can’t help me when I am alive even if I die don’t come. A corpse doesn’t need you and doesn’t need money,” he added.

salim mighty

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