Kenyan Men Named Most Faithful & Romantic in the World- Study

Kenyan are the most faithful in the entire African continent, a new report shows.

The survey, dubbed the State Of The World’s Fathers and conducted by MenCare, further indicates that African men are more likely to sire children with more than one woman compared to the rest of the world.

Out of 39 countries across the world, 25 places have been occupied by African countries based on the rankings where men are engaged to several women.

In the study, polygamous men, married men who cheat on their spouses, and unmarried men engaging in sex with more than one woman are considered unfaithful. The study finds out that getting babies with more than one woman “complicates decisions to plan, prevent, or time a pregnancy.”

“The report also looks at the role of fathers as caregivers. Although men might want to be more involved in raising children and in domestic tasks, there is often a lot of resistance and stigma,” the 2015 reports says.

Gabon, Liberia and Republic of Congo have the highest number of adulterous men in the African continent in that order, while Kenya’s neighbors, Uganda, follow on at fourth place. Kenya, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria respectively are on the bottom of the list.


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