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Its True Pudesh has a sell-by date. The Once high flying socialite VANESSA CHETTLE now drinks cheap keg with makangas and lives a ‘dog’s life’ (PHOTO)

Vanessa Chettle was once a famous socialite in the showbiz circles before her fortunes dwindled.

She shot to fame when she was barely 20 years old after word got out that she had slept with top Kenyan celebrities.

Vanessa was widely covered by blogs and after becoming famous, she fell in love with an old mzungu sponsor who funded her lavish lifestyle.

The disgraced socialite would splash photos living a high-end life while rubbing shoulders with who is who in the showbiz circles.

She was also making good money headlining club events.

The once high flying socialite is now living a ‘dog’s life’ after her fortunes dwindled.

A popular Twitter user recently spotted Vanessa at a Keg den in Eldoret town where she is based after leaving the city and she opened up on several things.

Vanessa, who turned 25 years on Saturday, confessed that she wasted her youthful days and warned the current crop of socialites like Shakila and Sherlyn Anyango to be careful.

Chettle also disclosed that she sold everything that she had and relocated upcountry after she broke up with her mzungu sponsor.

Vanessa was forced to ‘dump’ her two kids at her mother’s residence after life became hard.

She now co-habits with a University drop-out in one of the low-end estates in Eldoret.

Most of the time, she is spotted at a keg den getting wasted.

Here are tweets describing Vanessa’s current state.


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