I won’t Go Back to Phil Karanja, he has a small Penis and doesn’t even satisfy me in bed, I want a man with a big penis- Kate Actress

Popular actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress recently said there was no chance of getting back together with film director Phil Karanja.

The pair announced their separation in September this year and despite pressure from her fans to reconcile with Phil, Kate is adamant that the ship has sailed.

In a recent post on social media, the ‘Disconnect’ star shared photos of how her daughter’s birthday went down and netizens could not help but comment on how Kate and Phil ‘looked good together’.

“The most loved little human in the entire world. A daddy’s girl in every way. She had an amazing birthday,” wrote Kate.

Her followers, however, opined on why Kate and Phil should reconcile, saying a reunion would be great.

“Aki shetani hutoka wapi surely, the way you two look good together, happy birthday kasupuu,” wrote one Facebook user.

Kate quickly responded saying, “aki tunaekeleanga shetani saa zingine a relationship is a personal choice.”

“I love this…na mrudiane you look good together,” wrote another. But the actress was quick to answer that it would not happen.

She, however, emphasized that Phil is a great father and their children are blessed to have him.

“Such a great dad, they are so lucky and blessed to have him,” wrote Kate.

Domineering? No, not me

Ever since Kate and Phil announced their separation, there has been a lot of speculation about what led to the rift between them.

Some netizens, dissatisfied with the statement shared by Kate in September, went ahead to opine on what they thought caused the separation, never mind their zero interaction with the couple.

One such person said she felt Kate was domineering over Phil and that the film director ‘could not direct his own film’.

“I always felt Kate was the denominator in that marriage…huyo jamaa hakuwa na say,” she wrote.

Kate swiftly responded, albeit in a sarcastic manner: “You lived with us. Must be nice. Lol.”

Several celebrity couples have played the break-up card to get the country talking but Kate was firm that chasing clout has never been her style.

Kate Actress

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