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I am the most beautiful Lady in Kenya and Stevo Simple Boy is very Ugly and Poor, He couldn’t Afford my Dowry of Kes 2Million-Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy: Content creator Purity Vineshwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy in entertainment circles, suggests her relationship with ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy fell through after he failed to afford her bride price.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, Pritty Vishy says the singer could only afford Sh50,000 out of the required Sh2 million.

“Stivo said in an interview that Sh2 million was a lot. He could only afford Sh50,000.”

“People say I loved him because of his money, but if you’re to dig a little deeper you’d find that Stivo and I go way back when he was working at building sites and there were times he would come home and tell me that he’s made Sh300 and I would congratulate him.”

Pritty Vishy also stressed the bride price amount is not negotiable.

“My dowry has not gone up or down, it still stands at 2 million (shillings). I saw somewhere it was raised to a certain amount and I was just left wondering because I have not changed it,” she explained.

The Instagram influencer further justified her bride price by saying she considers where she comes from and how she’s been raised, adding that amount is enough to show gratitude to her mother for raising her.

“Everyone has their own level and what they want in their lives. For me, it’s 2 million for my dowry to show my mother gratitude for raising me up to where I am and so much more.”

When asked what she brings to the table that is worth a bride price of 2 million, the video vixen boasted that she is the table.

“I have chosen that bride price for myself. I bring myself. I am the table,”

Pritty Vishy

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