Pastor Muthungu

His ‘P3nis’ was chopped off – More shocking details emerge on the cause of Pastor MUTHUNGU’s death! The road accident was a cover-up.

Kiengei’s friend, Pastor Samuel Kimani, popularly known as Muthungu because of his brown complexion, did not die in a road accident.

According to new reports, Pastor Muthungu died as a result of internal bleeding after he was caught with someone’s wife in an Airbnb along Kenyatta Road and beaten like a ‘burukenge’.

The married woman he was caught with is the wife of one of his congregants and had his dick chopped off by the man’s wife.This is a warning to all pastors and team mafisi that tey should respect people’s marriages or else they will suffer Pastor Muthungu’s path. Men are warned.Its, even more, better to go pick escorts girls in Nairobi Streets but leave people’s wives alone.Bibi ya mtu ni sumu.

His ‘cassava’ was almost chopped off in the process when the cheating woman’s husband busted them.

The AIPCA pastor was in critical condition when he was rushed to the hospital.

Kiengei and his friends did a cover-up and lied that he had died in a road accident.

Pastor Muthungu was reportedly a notorious womanizer and during his burial, there was drama after some of the side chicks turned up at the mortuary and started weeping, forcing his friends to whisk them away to avoid further embarrassment.

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