Harmonize was Arrested for charging for no-shows and stealing from Kenyans

Bongo star Harmonize on Sunday was arrested and later released over complaints he had taken cash for shows in Nairobi clubs where he never performed.

Police said the Tanzanian musician had refunded two of the complainant’s Sh750,000 as part of efforts to resolve the matter.

He was picked up on Sunday by police for questioning a day after headlining the Afrika Moja Concert at the KICC. 

Harmonize, who is known as Rajab Abdul Kahali, was detained at the Kileleshwa police station.

Harmonize, who was supposed to leave the country on Sunday, was apprehended after failing to make several appearances at various Nairobi clubs he had been paid for.

Police said they were investigating claims of obtaining money by false pretence.

A number of his fans thronged the station when news of his detention came out.

Kilimani police boss Mbogo Muturi said his officers were acting on complaints from some promoters and venues where he was to perform.

“We don’t want this to go to court and efforts are ongoing to resolve it,” he said.

One club was refunded Sh450,000 while one man got his Sh300,000 back.

At the station, there was drama when the musician attacked comedian Eric Omondi, accusing him of lying.

Police intervened and stopped a fight after he had punched Omondi in the mouth.

Omondi said he will file a complaint. “I told him to refund money and he got angry, punching me in the presence of police and former Nairobi governor. I will file a complaint over this,” he said as he showed his injured lip.

Since his arrival in the country, the singer has had a number of run-ins.

On Friday, there was a dramatic encounter between Harmonize and revellers at a club in Nairobi.

Omondi said that there was a misunderstanding from fans about  what Harmonize was expected to do.

“A lot of things happened, it was a party and some people were excited…the club was small. There is a difference between a concert and/or event. Kenyans must understand that it was a club appearance/technical appearance/meet and greet/ an afterparty,” Omondi said.

Melamani Limited, the promoter who brought Harmonize to the country downplayed the claims of arrest, saying the artist had been taken to the police station for “his own security”.

The promoter was not even aware of the club appearances because he was only told that the ‘kwangwaru’ hitmaker would only perform at the KICC.

Jor Barsil, a director at the Captain’s Lounge in Sabaki, said Konde Boy was supposed to perform for one and a half hours but only did five minutes.

“I paid Sh450,000 to Melamani Limited for Harmonize to come to the club for a party and to be with the fans for one and a half hours, but when he came he only stayed for not more than five minutes,” Barsil said.

“This angered the fans who wanted to beat him up but I protected him, I want be refunded the amount I spent,”Barsil said outside the station.

He said the set up cost Sh1 million and the star’s appearance cost Sh450,000.

Omondi and Harmonize were forced to flee an establishment along Mombasa Road on Friday night after enraged patrons complained that the singer had only performed for less than two minutes.

Omondi defended himself by claiming that the singer was only supposed to make an appearance at the club, while enjoying himself, and that it was not a mini concert.

Apparently, chaos erupted after Harmonize appeared at the club for a brief moment before disappearing.

A majority of revellers who were at the establishment had paid more than Sh5,000 for the VVIP tickets, for an event that had been hyped as ‘Freaky Friday with Harmonize Live, hosted by Eric Omondi’.

It was not yet clear what exactly the revellers had been made to pay for, with a majority accusing the club of shortchanging them.

The aftermath of the chaos left the musician with injuries and his car was vandalised.

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