Esther Musila and Gurdian angel

Guardian Angel questions why ‘marriages involving people in same age groups are failing’ as he defends his union saying that Esther Musila is Very sweet and has a tight v@gina unlike young Girls

Gospel singer Peter Omwaka alias Guardian Angel downplayed age difference in a relationship as he defended his marriage to Esther Musila.

Guardian Angel and his sweetheart got married in a private white wedding on January 4, 2022.

The couple tied the knot in a low-key garden wedding on Guardian’s birthday when he turned 33.

And on my birthday, God did it again. Mr.& Mrs. OMWAKA.#lovewins,” Guardian Angel wrote on social media accompanied by a photo of his wedding.

Guardian and Esther’s wedding was of particular interest to many people because of their age difference. At the time of their wedding, the gospel singer was 33 while his wife 52.

The couple has been trolled multiple times because of their huge age difference.

How do you feel wakati mtu anamtroll mke wako?” Mzazi Willy Tuva asked Guardian Angel during a recent interview.

“It feels very bad of cause. I feel very offended and very touched because this is a person that I love so much and all of us can see,” the singer replied.

He added that his marriage to Esther Musila has been pure bliss for him mentally and even physically.

Tulipokutana na yeye kitu cha kwanza uliniuliza ‘ehh bro kwani unakula nini bwana sikua nakujua!’ Vitu zingine kama afya na vile maisha yangu inatendeka, hutendeka tu kwa mwanaume ukiwa na amani yako kwa roho. Kwa sababu kuna watu wanago through a lot of things ata ndani ya marriage,” he said.

Guardian Angel further stated that many marriages involving younger people of the same age bracket have failed since he married Esther Musila four years ago.

guardian angel

There are marriages za younger people who are younger than me ambao wameoa younger ladies, those marriages have broken. Between the time that I got married to my wife and now, those are four years, so many marriages of young people have broken. Kama kweli hao younger people ndo the right marriage, why are they breaking? Mbona mimi na mke wangu bado tunaendelea? Za wengine hizo zimevunjika na hao ndo the right age!” Guardian Angel posed.

The gospel singer further dismissed claims that he married his wife because of her money, adding that if he was after her wealth their marriage would have crumbled by now.

Kitu kingine labda tunaweza kusema huyu jamaa ako hapo kwa ajili ya pesa, let me tell you. You cannot stay in a relationship of money for four years. Huyo mwanamke ambaye unaishi na yeye atakua ameshajua huyu jamaa ako hapa ju ya pesa yangu pekee. Yani if you are in a relatinship for the wrong things time will always tell.

The time we spent together mke wangu angekua ashatokea akasema ‘aaii majamaa I made a mistake’ but that’s not the case, why? Because it is the right connection for me. It has changed my life and when you listen to her speak she would say how our relationship has transformed her life and that’s what matters. Being in a space where your life is transformed, your life is taken to a better level. Your life is moved from where you were to a better level that is what for me matter and how happy I am.  

Guardian Angel

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