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Man Sodomized and killed after walking into girlfriend ‘making merry’ with two men in her Embakasi house

Police in Embakasi, Nairobi have arrested a 24-year-old woman and two youthful men in connection with the killing of a 24-year-old man.

The victim, Henry Mburu Njeri, was stabbed in the neck on Wednesday night, March 31, after he visited his girlfriend unannounced and found her partying with two men. The incident happened in Embakasi.

“On arrival at his partner’s house, which is located on the fourth floor of Charles Mberia Flats, he found [his lover] Caroline Mutinda with two other men making merry while imbibing drinks,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said on Facebook on Thursday, April 1.

Detectives say Mburu demanded to know why the two men, identified as William Nderitu and Eshikimu, were in his girlfriend’s house and the girl is believed to work as Nairobi Escorts lady on Nairobi Raha website , and what they were doing with her.

“An argument then ensued between Mburu and his girlfriend, leading to the deceased’s stabbing,” said the DCI.

Detectives are yet to establish who among the three (Caroline and his two male visitors) fatally stabbed Mburu.

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“What is clear, however, is that Mburu crept down the flight of stairs to seek help. Sadly, he collapsed as he approached the apartment’s gate. He bled to death,” said the DCI.

Caroline’s neighbour, Pauline Naliaka, told detectives that she heard a commotion emanating from the suspect’s house on Wednesday night.

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“When I got outside my house, I found many people in the compound saying that somebody had been killed, and upon moving closer, I discovered that the deceased was Caroline’s boyfriend Henry Mburu,” said Naliaka.

The three suspects, Caroline, Nderitu and Eshikimu, were arrested, and will be produced in court on Tuesday, April 6, when they will answer to murder charges.

Detectives say investigations into Mburu’s killing are ongoing, “with efforts to recover the murder weapon being intensified”.

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